Acupuncture is a form of energy medicine that has been practiced for over 5,000 years.  It is used to provoke the body’s ability to heal itself.  By tapping into energy pathways, the acupuncturist can move and manipulate the energy which nourishes the organs, blood flow, immune response, relaxation response, healing response.  It helps the body to find it’s balance and to restore energy that has been lost or to calm down bodily functions that have become hyperactive.  Acupuncture assists the body in finding its homeostasis, it’s own innate wisdom to heal from within.

Acupuncture sessions with Susan McNulty begin with talking.  She asks her patients about their lives, their relationships, their successes and their  frustrations, worries and fears.  She wants to know about physical limitations and discomforts and also about emotional issues and spiritual dilemmas.  All of these factors determine levels of health and wellness.

During treatment the patient is treated with tenderness in a calming environment, usually laying down and comfortably clothed.  Patients tend to fall asleep during treatment as they are left to rest.  A feeling of calm and well-being is often reported along with improvements in pain levels and mobility.

Generally, a series of treatments is required for chronic ailments and often a treatment or two is all that is needed for more recent injuries or ailments.  Here is a partial list of conditions that acupuncture may help:

                              Arthritis                                               PMS/Menopause

                              Allergies                                               Endometriosis

                              Bronchitis                                            Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

                              Constipation                                       Joint Pain

                              Hypertension                                     Back Pain

                              Anxiety Disorders                              Insomnia

                              Depression                                           Gastric Reflux

                              Headaches                                            Irritable Bowel/Colitis

                              Sinusitis                                                 Stress

                       Acupuncture treatments usually require between 60 and 75 minutes. 

                           Treatment Cost:  $50/In Office                           $100/House Call


Reiki is a system of  “laying on of hands” that has the effect of energizing the cells of the body.  It is based on the hands-on healing model that Jesus taught.  Typically, the patient lies in a relaxed position while the Reiki practitioner places both hands in a systematic pattern and becomes a conduit for Universal forces that create a healing environment.  Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit and fosters a feeling of well-being.  It is both subtle and profound and miraculous results can often be experienced.  Reiki can be very effective for long-distance healing as the life-force  used during treatment is not hindered by distance.

                                    60-minute Reiki Session is $50/in office.    Long-distance session/$50


TAPPING/EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

Tapping/EFT is a very dynamic protocol that treats the emotions.  It combines ancient acupressure with modern neuro-linguistic programming and is especially helpful for post-traumatic stress or emotional issues that have not been resolved using other psychotherapy models as it cuts through to the unconscious mind where long-standing emotional trauma may reside.

Tapping sessions with Susan McNulty can be done in her office setting, over the phone, and also long-distance using Skype.
Sessions consist of talking about the issue at hand and then the tapping session is done sitting in a comfortable chair.  Susan
teaches her client the protocol to continue to use at home.  A series of treatments is often recommended, but even one session of tapping can provide dramatic shifts in previously stuck patterns of thought.

Tapping/EFT Sessions are usually 60 minutes in length.

  The cost is $50 per session.


By accessing the energy of a person in the Quantum Field where mind meets soul and is not limited by the bounds of time and space, Quantum Healing Sessions are conducted using the principles of quantum mechanics as applied to the BodyMind by working at the holographic level.  Quantum Healings are intuitive and unique to the individual as Susan quiets her mind and contemplates the person’s energetic needs.  Treatment is inspired in visions that often include light, color and sound.  Quantum Healings can be quite effective done from a distance and Susan has had success using her Quantum Healing Sessions on her patients when they are out of town and also on their loved ones who live at a distance or are suffering in hospitals or nursing facilities.

Quantum Healing Sessions can be done in office and require 60-minutes of time.

Cost of treatment is $75.00

A Long-Distance Quantum Healing Session requires 2 photos of the person needing healing.  One full-body photo, clothed.  And one photo where the eyes are visible and easy to see.  A brief description of the concerns of the person receiving treatment is needed.

Long-Distance Quantum Healing Sessions require a scheduled appointment time of 30 minutes.

  Cost of long-distance treatment: $50


Susan McNulty,   125 Pleasant St.,  Ludlow,  VT  05149                  Phone:  802-975-0114

email:           web:

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