Learn to Meditate at Susan McNulty Acupuncture in Ludlow, Vermont


So often when Susan attempts to teach her patients the value of mindfulness practices or recommends that learning to meditate could be helpful to ratchet down the stress in their lives and thereby relieve themselves of much pain and suffering, it is a common response that people cannot find the time or the right conditions under which to meditate. They think they have to have total peace and quiet to sit peacefully and quietly. It is in such discussions that Susan will tell this story of the time when she was quite young and new at meditation. She was working a job as a camp counselor and every morning would ride the yellow school bus with 60 hot and sweaty and exuberant young boys and girls on their way to summer camp where she was counselor to a group of 2nd graders. The environment of the bus was anything but peaceful and quiet. It was loud and boisterous and joyful and happy but not quiet. Determined to get her early morning 20-minute routine of Transcendental Meditation accomplished, Susan learned to close her eyes and let the boys and girls assume she was napping while she lapsed into the gap between her thoughts, letting her mantra transport her out of the chaos and into flashes of transcendence. This taught her a valuable lesson in the availability of the stillness within regardless of the volume of noise from the outside.


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