Spring Detox with Juice Fasting


Morning Refreshment

Fasting in the springtime can bring a much needed rest to the internal organs of the body.  Just like cleaning house, every now and then it is good to lighten things up by cleaning out completely and using the body’s energy to heal while it takes a break from the tasks of digestion.  Much healing can be done when the organs of digestion are required to work less vigorously.  By juicing a variety of fruits and vegetables, energies of the plants go more directly into the cells of the body and lend themselves to healing as tissue repair is more efficient and toxins are allowed to be cleansed.  Fasting for 5 – 10 days can do wonders to decrease inflammation in the body, loosen joints, purify the blood, heal the intestines, boost the immune system.  Whatever healing you need, your body will have access to greater amounts of it’s own natural healing ability when getting such pure nutrition.

Juicing for even one meal a day with an anti-inflammatory juice like the one I had this morning, can do wonders for your health.  It is tangy, zesty and delicious.  You won’t believe how tasty it is.  Give it a try and know you are doing something your body will thank you for in how it feels.

Recipe for Morning Refreshment:

 In a Juicer, extract the juice of:  2 Green Apples, 4 Large Carrots, 2 inches of fresh ginger root.  Drink immediately.  Enjoy!


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